Steps taken Responsible commitments

Our commitments Raising awareness and respecting the environment and nature

Le Cantemerle deals with various environmental issues with the accommodation, spa and catering, including the consumption of water resources, energy, food, paper/plastic consumables, various products and the waste generated.

In 2021, Le Cantemerle carried out an inventory of good practices in place for years in the management of the hotel according to the principles of Sustainable Development. In 2022, Le Cantemerle decided to formalise its commitment to ecological transition through a commitment charter which it shares with its internal teams, customers, suppliers and partners. This charter is a pledge to action and continuous improvement which motivates the teams to continue to offer Le Cantemerle’s management an environment which cares about its ecological impact in the long term. In early 2024, the Cantemerle was awarded the Green Key label (the leading sustainable tourism label for tourist accommodation and restaurants) for our eco-responsible actions and commitments.

Le CANTEMERLE is committed to developing a responsibly managed accommodation and catering framework through:

  • optimised maintenance and kitchen management to limit waste and unnecessary water consumption;
  • the selective sorting of the waste generated by all activities, customers and service providers, making it possible to sort paper/plastic, metals, glass, wood, and to manage their treatment with the aim of recycling them as a priority;
  • installing less energy-intensive infrastructures to reduce its energy and carbon impact: green roof, presence detector;
  • providing bicycles to its customers to help them get around while limiting their carbon impact
  • training teams in environmental issues to make the Cantemerle action plan more effective;
  • targeted communication to encourage employees, customers and service providers to act in favour of eco-gestures;
  • rational use of consumables for the accommodation;
  • consumption/waste monitoring to reduce its environmental impact;
  • a selection of eco-labelled laundry care products.

Le CANTEMERLE is also committed to offering catering which is based on the values and principles of sustainable food through:

  • appropriate inventory management to promote proximity to the place of production and avoid unsold items and food waste;
  • a long-standing collaboration with high-quality local producers on every type of food on the menu;
  • a search for transparency in the information given to customers on the origin of the producers and key products;
  • adjusting the quantity of food used to meet customer needs and limit wastage on the plate;
  • selective sorting in the kitchen, with food waste enriching the compost in the garden;
  • the limited use of consumables and individual plastic/paper packaging.

Finally, Le CANTEMERLE is committed to widening the selection of service providers and suppliers chosen for their quality of service, their local character and respect for the environment, based on:

  • mainly local suppliers of food products who grow seasonal organic products;
  • hygiene and beauty products from suppliers enabling the development of local heritage;
  • local service providers for the maintenance of the hotel, spa, and its green spaces, promoting local economic development and the proximity of interventions;
  • using recycled paper for administrative/commercial uses to consume less energy and water.
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